55 jaar geleden werd in de Pye Studios in Londen “Mr.Pleasant” opgenomen door The Kinks. De single zal bij ons uitkomen op 21 april, maar in Groot-Brittannië pas op 13 oktober. Bij de Blommenkinders was het Etienne Van Damme die het zich zou aanschaffen, maar dan wel op een EP samen met het eerder verschenen “Waterloo Sunset” (zie hierboven).

“Mister Pleasant” is lyrically somewhat similar to the earlier track “A Well Respected Man“, as it satirizes the heedless complacency of a nouveau riche who, for all his newfound worldly success, is but a foolish cuckold. Musically, the song has strong English Music Hall influences and a “trad jazz” backing that features a trombone and ragtime-style piano (played by Nicky Hopkins). Billboard described the single as “clever novelty material penned by Ray Davies with an easy dance beat in strong support.”

It was released as the A-side of a single in the US and mainland Europe but not in the UK. It was released in the UK six months later as the B-side to “Autumn Almanac“. The song is now available as a bonus track to their album Face to Face, and an alternate version was also released as a bonus track on the 2011 deluxe reissue of Something Else by the Kinks. Due to the Kinks’ absence from American touring and the single’s noncommercial sound, “Mister Pleasant” did not fare well in the US, only managing a peak of number 80—their poorest showing since “See My Friends” failed to reach the Hot 100 in 1965—despite being tapped as likely Top 20 material by Billboard magazine. “Mr. Pleasant” was much more successful in Europe, particularly the Netherlands (where it reached number 2) and Belgium (number 3).

While The Kinks mimed ‘Mr. Pleasant’ on the European TV shows ‘Fan Club’ and ‘Beat Club’ in 1967 to promote the single, as well as recording it for the BBC in the same year, the only time it was documented as having been played live in concert by the group was at a New York concert on 27 March 1971. (Wikipedia)

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