Elk jaar wordt op 19 april “Bicycle Day” gevierd. Maar helaas, wielervrienden, dit heeft niets met wielrennen te maken, maar wel met… drugs!

Exactly eighty years ago, April 19, 1943, Albert Hofmann, a 37 year old chemist for Sandoz, in Basel, Switzerland, ingested intentionally a minute amount — just 250 micrograms – of a compound derived from the ergot fungus thus synthesizing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) for the first time.
Three days earlier, he had absorbed a small amount of the drug either through his fingertips or by accidentally ingesting it. Anyway, less than an hour later, Hofmann began to feel strange and noticed sudden and intense changes in his perception. He decided to pedal home from his laboratory. His bike ride accompanied by strong hallucinations developed into a real trip. Hofmann turned on, tuned in and dropped out for the first time. This is how Hofmann learned about the effects of this substance and had the first LSD trip where here he experienced all its heavenly and hellish effects.
Psychedelic enthusiasts across the world now commemorate Hofmann’s discovery of LSD’s effects every April 19, a.k.a. “Bicycle Day”. He wrote about his experiments and experience on April 22, which was later put into his book LSD: My Problem Child. He called LSD “medicine for the soul” and saw the drug as a powerful psychiatric tool. But Hofmann admitted that the substance would be dangerous in the wrong hands. Look at the sad tale of Syd Barret and others. (Teifidancer)

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