Stephen Flockhart was zo vriendelijk om op mijn verzoek enkele vragen te stellen aan de vroegere Engelse wielrenner Keith Butler. Het ging met name over zijn profcarrière op het continent.

In 1964 I rode for St Raphael all year and I won the National Road Race Championship at Harlow. For the Tour of Belgium I was invited to be part of the Solo team but this was my only ride with that team.
In 1965 I rode for Ruberg-Caltex. Where Dossche Sport comes from I have no idea but I did buy equipment etc from them. High point was riding the World Championship Road race for Tom Simpson. I finished 49th!
In 1966 I rode for Terrot-Leroux. I had a contract with them for 1967 but then I went back to England as my wife was pregnant. My eldest child was born in December.
I started 1967 with Viking but they went bust so I rode without sponsorship. I had a contract of sorts with Allin Cycles, owned by my father, but I did not ride in their colours until 1967 when I came 2nd in the 1000m track sprint National Championship.
I was contacted by the Terrot-Leroux manager for 1968 but did not take it up and ‘retired’ from competition.

Keith Butler

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  1. Dossche Sport was een soort mengploeg van renners die niet met hun reguliere ploeg of als individueel meededen aan bepaalde koersen. Soms kregen ze een trui van Dossche Sport, soms reden ze in hun eigen trui. Dossche Sport kon je dan een beetje vergelijken alsof er nu een Shimano-ploeg zou meerijden (Shimano is nu de neutrale materiaalwagen).
    In het geval van Keith Butler, Hij stond met nr. 134 op de deelnemerslijst van de Omloop der Vlaamse Gewesten op 13/03/1965 bij Dossche Sport. Maar …. hij stond ook met nr. 76 bij Rüberg in de deelnemerslijst. Dus waarschijnlijk een kwakkel voor nr. 134.

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  2. Toch wel eigenaardig dat hij aangeeft dat hij in 1968 niet meer gereden heeft “I was contacted by the Terrot-Leroux manager for 1968 but did not take it up and ‘retired’ from competition.”

    Hij had nl. in 1968 nog deze resultaten:
    1968 [Great Britain] 6º in Stage 2 Mackeson Three Day, Elite, Stage Race, , (Bournemouth (e)) , Bournemouth (Bournemouth), Great Britain
    1968 [Great Britain] 10º in Folkestone – London, Elite, Road Race, , (Bromley (a)) , Bromley (Bromley), Great Britain
    1968 [Great Britain] 21º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Great Britain, Lincoln (Lincolnshire), Great Britain
    1968 [Great Britain] 7º in Weston super Mare – Bristol – Weston Super Mare, Elite,Time Trial, , (Weston-super-Mare, Chrono) , Weston-super-Mare (North Somerset), Great Britain

    Blijft dan de vraag voor welke ploeg dat was.

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    1. I think my memory is at fault here!

      I rode as an unsponsored professional in 1967. I rode under ‘Allin’ sponsorship during 1968 and 1969.

      After that I did hang up my wheels as I was now a family man. My son was born in 1968.

      The fact that Terrot Leroux contacted me asking me to ride for them is correct. I did not take up their offer as I did not wish to return to Belgium, That was for either the 1967 or 1968 season but I cannot recall which. I do know that I had a conversation at a race with the manager.

      Have you any other mind-blowing questions? My recollections about what happened some 50 years ago can be described as ‘hazy’. It has not been helped by the fact that I have just moved house after 32 years at the same address and my trophies, medals and other memorabilia are heaped up in the attic!

      All the best

      Keith Butler

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