In oktober 2018 heb ik naar “Three summers” gekeken, een nogal flauwe romcom, geschreven en geregisseerd door Ben Elton uit 2017 (vooral zijn ellenlange speech over het vluchtelingenprobleem was erg on-Ben Eltons), maar toch heb ik de film uitgekeken omdat ik tot over mijn oren verliefd was op de Australische hoofdvertolkster Rebecca Breeds, wat eerlijk gezegd nogal genant is voor een ouwe vent die een paar dagen eerder nog 67 jaar was geworden…

Op de Internet Movie Database vat Prismark10 de film als volgt samen: “Ben Elton writes and directs Three Summers. A film set in the Westival folk and country music festival in Western Australia over three successive years. (…) The main story concerns Roland (Robert Sheehan) a well meaning but pretentious theremin player. The instrument people think Brian Wilson used in Good Vibrations (running gag). After a bit of musical improvisation he falls for Keevy (Rebecca Breeds) a sultry and talented singer/fiddler in her dad’s band. Roland wants Keevy to do better and expand her horizons, but Keevy finds him rather elitist and up himself. (…) Each successive year we see Roland trying to progress his relationship with Keevy who is still frosty towards him, especially as he cajoled her to apply to a music academy which then rejected her.”
Red Barracuda voegt daaraan toe: “I found Robert Sheehan’s uptight Theremin player to be the most consistently funny element of the story. His rocky romance with the rather gorgeous Rebecca Breeds was well done too I thought. The film probably floundered most when it went for the serious stuff, such as racism and bigotry. It was a little heavy-handed and contrived to be honest but fair play for introducing a bit of social consciousness into the mix at least. The music on the other hand was a lot surer footed, with some particularly interesting folk-Theremin fusions – which is not the kind of thing you hear every day, lets be honest. All-in-all, I definitely would put this down as a very fun bit of Aussie comedy.”
Ben Elton says, “The idea for Three Summers came about during one of my family trips to the Fairbridge Folk Festival in WA. I was sitting in the bar tent doing some people watching, there’s such a rich tapestry of humanity at these sorts of family music events and so much comedy. People from different walks of life suddenly living in a field together with only sheets of canvas and polyester between them. Everybody’s equal in the queue for the portaloos!”
Maar Neil Swift repliceert: “Was this by the same Ben Elton who co penned The Young Ones and Blackadder? After reading other reviews I was really looking forward to get a taste of his brilliant writing skills again but it just didn’t work at all for me at all. It didn’t go anywhere and was like a long mindless train journey that never actually arrived at it’s destination. Dull, uninteresting and not funny at all. Sorry Ben but as a great admirer of your brilliant work back in the day, this falls way short.”
Maar wat mij nog het meeste verbaast, is dat niemand dus net als ik van zijn sokken werd geblazen door mooie Rebecca. En dus weet ik ook niet of zij zelf viool speelde (*). Zingen zal ze wel zelf gedaan hebben, zeker?
Rebecca Breeds was born on June 17, 1987 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She began her acting career with appearances in television commercials, but is best known for her work on televisionseries like Home and Away (2008-2012), The Originals (2014-2015) or Pretty little liars (2015-2017), allemaal series die ik uiteraard niet heb gezien. Buiten Three Summers heeft ze nog maar twee andere films gedraaid: Newcastle (2008) and the Hindi-language Bollywood film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013), mij ook totaal onbekend. She has been married to Luke Mitchell since January 2013. Ze heeft hem wellicht leren kennen op de scène van Home and Away, maar hij zat ook in Neighbours, waarin zij juist niet te zien was. Hoe is dat nu mogelijk?

Ronny De Schepper

(*) Alhoewel: she studied a double degree in music and performing arts at University of New South Wales (Wikipedia)

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