Vandaag is het dertig jaar geleden dat twee, toen erg populaire, filmsterren namelijk Meg Ryan en Dennis Quaid met elkaar in het huwelijk traden (foto Pinterest). Toch wordt er niet gefeest vandaag, want het huwelijk ligt al ettelijke jaren in gruzelementen. Dat neemt niet weg dat Dennis Quaid vorig jaar nog aan The Independent verklaarde dat hij nog altijd erg veel van Meg Ryan houdt…

 “It’s been 18 years since his messy divorce from Meg Ryan – she is now engaged to be married to John Mellencamp – but any residual rancour between Quaid and Ryan is long gone.

“Sure I still love her,” Quaid tells me (i.e. Donal Lynch, RDS). “I’m very fond of her and we have a lot of fun. We spent 13 good years together. We had a kid together and we shared so much: she made my life.”

Their relationship, he explains, mirrored the one in A Star Is Born. “What I mean by that is that when we started, I was very much on top. She was just starting out. Then she had When Harry Met Sally and I took time out and the roles were suddenly reversed in terms of where we were at, in our careers.

“I’m too big of a person to really let that bother me and it wasn’t her fault. (…) Cocaine was really the cause of my downfall. I didn’t realise just how harmful it was and it kind of crept up on me in terms of the consequences of that. I wasn’t there in my life and I wasn’t getting enough sleep to really be there. And then I got cleaned up and you think when someone does that things would get better, but no. In fact, things got even harder.”

The good roles dried up, and, as the press got wind of his personal struggles, the paparazzi bore down on him and Ryan; their relationship was beginning to founder.

“I wouldn’t want to re-live any of my life,” he says. “With age you get a sort of better balance and insight into yourself and you learn to treat yourself and others better. I’m a family-oriented person. I’m probably happier now than I ever have been, and that was worth waiting for.”

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