Het is vandaag veertig jaar geleden dat de Canadese pianiste en componiste Ruth Lowe is overleden.

In 1936, Ruth was working in the ‘Song Shop’ in Toronto when Ina Ray Hutton brought her All-Girl band (the Melodears) to town. Her piano player had taken ill, and Ina was frantically trying to locate a good-looking blonde lady replacement. Ruth Lowe auditioned, and became the regular pianist in Ina Ray’s band.
In 1938, at age 23, Ruth married Harold Cohen, a Chicago music publicist. It was a very happy marriage that only lasted one year until Harold’s tragic demise during an operation in 1939. In her deep grief, Ruth returned to live in Toronto. In her lonely apartment, she composed “I’ll Never Smile Again”.
The song was first heard on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) radio program ‘Music By Faith’, in an arrangement by Percy Faith, another fine Canadian musician who would soon go on to fame. Approximately a year later, Ruth passed a copy of the tune to a saxophone player in the Tommy Dorsey band, hoping to have Dorsey hear the tune. Dorsey thought the tune had much merit, and arranged it for his very young singer, Frank Sinatra. It was Sinatra’s first great hit, and really launched Sinatra on his phenomenal career.
Later she composed still another Frank Sinatra hit “Put Your Dreams Away”, Frank’s ‘signature’ song, which was also played at his funeral. (Wikipedia)

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