Het is vandaag ook al 35 (!) jaar geleden dat Ringo Starr de eerste Beatle-opa werd…

Former Beatle Ringo Starr, 44, says he is delighted at the prospect of becoming a grandfather later this year.
His son Zak Starkey, 19, married Sarah Menikides, 25, in March and they are expecting a baby in early autumn.
“It`s wonderful news. I will be a very proud grandfather. I hope it will be a baby boy and that they will call him Richie after me,” Ringo said (*).
Ringo, who was flying out of Heathrow with his second wife, Barbara Bach, added: “I am truly delighted because it means we`re going to carry on a great line of drummers.”
Zak, who was banned from his local pub and has a reputation for heavy drinking and bad language, has now settled down and lives with his wife in a workman`s cottage on his father`s 79-acre Berkshire estate, Tittenhurst Park. He has shown early promise as a drummer and has formed a group, Nightfly.

Wendy Holden, At 44 Ringo Starr To Be A Grandfather, Chicago Tribune, May 23, 1985

(*) Bad luck, man! It was a girl and they called her Tatia Jayne…

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