Revision of the tenses

1.PRESENT CONTINUOUS (I am going; O.T.T.; duur)
usually (general truth)
3.PRESENT PERFECT (I have gone; V.T.T.)
merk op: altijd to have + past participle (ook voor bewegingswerkwoorden e.d.)
connection with the present (just, already, since…)
no time indication
vague (ever, lately)
4.SIMPLE PAST (I went; O.V.T.)
there is a time indication – this may be a time-clause (bijzin van tijd)
successive actions
is used in questions unless there is a clear connection with the present (in that case: present perfect)
opmerking: incomplete periods (today, this week, this year)
indien vaag: present perfect
indien welbepaald (specific, e.g. once or twice): simple past
5.PAST CONTINUOUS (I was going; O.V.T.; duur)
the limits of the action are vague
there is no time indication or…
if there is, the action began before it and probably continued afterwards
difference with the present perfect:
de past continuous drukt een duur uit
de past continuous ligt volledig in het verleden (no connection with the present)

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